A   N   S   W   E   R   S      T   O      F   R   E   Q   U   E   N   T   L   Y     A   S   K   E   D     Q   U   E   S   T   I   O   N   S

Sugaring: How to prepare and aftercare.

Sugaring is such an amazing alternative to waxing. It is much less traumatic to the skin, and yields better results, however, because we are still removing hair and dead skin, your skin and hair follicles are still being made vulnerable and it's important to prepare your skin beforehand, and care for it properly after. You'll need about 3 weeks of growth from waxing, and two weeks of growth from shaving. If your hair is fully grown, it's best to trim to about 1/2 inch (having longer hair than 1/2 inch, can cause unnecessary pain during the sugaring procedure). Using an electric trimmer with an attachment is the safest way to trim. About 3 days prior to sugaring, exfoliate your skin with your preferred method of exfoliation. We like dry brushing for physical exfoliation, and Serious Serum for a chemical exfoliation. The day of your appointment, don't consume too much caffeine or alcohol. This can cause your skin to be more tender. Taking a pain reliever an hour prior can help with the discomfort. For pubic hair removal, it's best to wear or bring cotton underwear, and comfy bottoms. You'll need to avoid anything involving sweat, friction, or submersion in water for 24 hours after your service. 

For facial sugaring, you may experience redness for a few hours after your appointment so plan the rest of your activities for that day accordingly.

With underarm sugaring, you'll want to avoid antiperspirant deodorant AND natural deodorants containing baking soda for 24 hours.

With ALL sugaring, avoiding bacteria is key! Please do not touch the sugared area for 24 hours! Try to wear loose fitting, cotton clothing over the sugared area. If you need, we have antiseptic wipes for you to keep the area clean after you leave.

Exfoliating is a very important part of aftercare to keep your skin healthy and to avoid ingrown hairs. Sugaring itself is exfoliating so you don't need to use any manual exfoliation for about a week after sugaring. Chemical exfoliation may be used the next day. After about a week, use a dry brush about twice a week and/or a serum daily. If you have any concerns with your skin or aftercare, please contact us. Everyone is different and may require a slightly different aftercare routine.

Eyelash Extensions: How to prepare and aftercare.

Eyelash Extensions are applied individually to each one of your natural lashes. Either one extension, or one fan at a time. Classic extensions are one single extension per lash, and Volume lashes are when a handmade fan of multiple extensions are attached per lash. Your first appointment (full set) usually takes 2-3 hours depending on whether you choose Classic or Volume, and how many lashes you naturally have. As your natural lashes shed, which happens with or without extensions, the extensions shed with them and new lashes grow in their place. To keep them up, you'll need "fills" where we put new extensions on the new growth. 

Before your first appointment, make sure you have healthy lashes. We cannot apply extensions if you have no lashes, as they are to adhere to the hairs only, not the skin. If you have had damage or trauma to your natural lashes, please consult us before scheduling.

Please come to your appointment with no makeup on your eyes. You'll be laying down with your eyes closed for the entire appointment, so don't drink too much fluid before your appointment, (especially caffeine), turn your phone on silent and enjoy the "lash nap". You're welcome to listen to your own music or podcast etc. 

After your appointment is finished, it's advised to schedule a few in advance as our schedule fills up quickly. 

You'll receive an aftercare kit with your first appointment. That will include lash wash and a brush to clean them with. Please keep your lashes and lash line clean. Any build up of skin cells, makeup, oils, or bacteria can cause infection to the lash line, which results in degeneration of your natural lashes, irritation to your eyes, and ultimately means you can't have extensions anymore. The purpose of eyelashes is to keep this debris out of your eyes, so it's inevitable that there will be build up even if you can't see it. It's important to cleanse makeup off every night, and even if you don't wear any, you should wash your lashes and lash line multiple times per week. 

Please do not pick, pull or rub your new extensions. Try to avoid sleeping on your face or any excess friction to your extensions. Avoid makeup on your lashes and if you feel the need to use mascara, use only a water based mascara. Nothing oily or waterproof should be used on the lashes or lash line. 

Eyelash Extensions are completely customizable and adjustable! If you want to change the shape or look of your extensions, please let your lash artist know and we can make any adjustments. The extensions vary by length, curl, and diameter.

All of our lash artists are trained and certified for Classic and Volume Extensions. We have attended multiple trainings with reputable international companies to make sure we have the most up to date training and the highest quality supplies.  

Airbrush Tanning: How to prepare and aftercare.

We LOVE airbrush tanning!! It makes such a huge difference in how you look and feel. Because we want to have one always, it's important to use high quality solution that won't dry out your skin, look orange, or fade patchy. We use a solution from a small batch family owned business in Loveland Colorado. Their solution does not use alcohol or other chemicals that dry the skin, causing a patchy, uneven tan. Their ingredients are organic whenever possible, and include aloe vera, olive oil, multiple herb and tea extracts, and an organic caramel color for a temporary bronzing while you tan develops. No food coloring, no alcohol, no toxic chemicals.

The way an airbrush tan works, is a chemical reaction with your outer layer of skin (dead skin cells). The ingredient that causes this, DHA, is derived from sugar cane, and causes browning of the outer skin cells with prolonged exposure. As your skin cells turn over and shed, your tan fades. When you use a quality, hydrating solution, your tan fades more evenly. 

To prepare for an airbrush tan, exfoliate 2-3 days before if possible. If you don't have 2-3 days between booking and tanning, it's best to just gently shave the areas you desire, and don't exfoliate. Come to your appointment with clean dry skin, free of any lotions, perfumes, deodorant, and makeup. The process is done by an Esthetician with a handheld machine. It's best to wear loose, dark clothes after your tan and you'll have to stay completely dry for 6-8 hours. It's ok to leave it on longer, although it stops working after 8 hours. Bring an umbrella and closed shoes if it's raining, and be careful when eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, washing your hands, etc. Any spots of liquid that touches your skin in the first 6-8 hours will leave that spot untanned. 

After the 6-8 hours, you can shower like normal. The solution and guide color will wash off and your skin will be tan. Don't use harsh soaps on your skin and blot dry rather than rubbing to keep the tan looking good longer. Applying moisturizer daily will help also and you can use a tan extending lotion if you'd like. Airbrush tans usually last 7-10 days with proper care.