A   B   O   U   T     U   S

My name is Aja and I am the lucky owner of this local business. I was born and raised in Portland and absolutely love it here. To be able to find my passion and career here, is really a dream come true. I went to school for Esthetics and became a licensed Esthetician in 2012. In school I was taught to wax, and there was no mention of the ancient practice of sugaring. Thankfully, I came across it on my own and immediately fell in love. I got trained as soon as I possibly could and have never looked back. I also love to do eyelash extensions and have received extensive training to make sure I provide the best and safest application possible. 
Being a business owner in Portland has been incredible. It is super challenging and equally, if not exceedingly rewarding. I meet the most amazing people and have made some of the best friends within my clients. You all are what make this local business what it is, and I appreciate you choosing to come here and continuing to come back.

Hello! My name is Tara. In 2013, after 11 years in the industry doing nails, I decided to go back to school to get an Esthetics Certificate. Shortly before graduating I took the sugaring training, thinking I would offer both waxing and sugaring. It took about an hour before I was convinced that sugaring was the way to go! I am truly fascinated with the process and feel that the technique is uniquely simple!

I grew up in Arizona and first visited Portland when my sister and brother-in-law moved here in 2010. It only took two visits for me to sell a house (along with a lot of my belongings) and make the move to a tiny apartment in NW, where I still live. Portland has treated me amazingly so far! I love this city and all its eccentricities more and more!